A New Look for the Denver Art Museum

After two years of research and behind-the-scenes work, the Denver Art Museum is thrilled to introduce an updated brand. We had planned to debut our new look with the reopening of the renovated Martin Building, which was originally scheduled for this past spring and is currently on hold due to COVID-19, but we decided not to wait any longer to debut our new look.

The previous Denver Art Museum logo was introduced almost 20 years ago. In that time the museum has evolved significantly, and research with various audiences and stakeholders clearly indicated that the time was right to evolve the brand as well. The goal of the brand update was to match our identity to the welcoming, approachable, and inspiring environment of the museum.

Tasso Stathopulos, the DAM’s senior manager brand and design, led the collaborative creative process and created the new logo in-house. Part of the design rationale behind the new logo was to make sure it works with, and complements, all kinds of art. The DAM is a world art museum with diverse collections, so the logo was designed to be flexible and adaptable to support the diverse art and dynamic experiences that are part of every visit to the museum.

In addition to changing the logo, we have also taken the opportunity to redesign our member magazine. Jenn Goodrich, senior graphic designer, led the redesign of On & Off the Wall in partnership with our content manager and the magazine editor, Carleen Brice. If you'd like to receive our member magazine and other exclusive benefits, while supporting the museum, please consider becoming a member.

Our website, an extension of our onsite experience, has also been redesigned to be more user-friendly and to feature more photos and video.