3 girls looking at a painting in the galleries; 1 girl points at the family game text on the wall

New Family-Friendly Activities at the DAM

New exhibits mean new opportunities for families to explore and play together. General admission is free to all youth age 18 and under every day.

Remember, you can always find games and activities online at Creativity Resource.

painting on a wall with the label and paw print stickers signifying it's one of the stops for the family game in the exhibition
The clue with this painting is: Yes, the dog came by our table. It must have been the smell! His nose led him to all the fruits he knows so well. He hoped it was his GARDEN that he’d finally found. But our painting is missing a WOMAN sitting on the ground.

John James Logue, Still Life, 1856. Oil paint on canvas; 21 3/8 × 26 ¼ in. (54.3 × 66.7 cm). Funds from Hugh Kolowich by exchange, 1970.67

A Fun Way for Children to Explore European and North American Art

In 19th Century European and American Art, go on Rip's Adventure, a fun puzzle game. This game follows the story of a dog named Rip who jumps out of his painting and ends up getting lost as he wanders through landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Find the four clues—marked with his paw prints—and make sure he finds his way back to the correct work of art. Continue the fun by searching for Rip's self-portrait, which is hidden in one of the rooms.

A Game for Mini-Designers and Fashionistas

Also, in Paris to Hollywood, enjoy the mobile family game that takes you and your family into the dazzling closet of fashion influencer Véronique Peck. Explore one-of-a-kind garments that Véronique wore and discover what makes them so special, from their surprising materials to their creative design. Try the game at the Denver Art Museum website and access it via the QR code at the exhibition.

Be sure to visit the museum's website for upcoming summer programs, such as the Simphiwe Ndzube: Oracles of the Pink Universe exhibition guide for families.