Latina women performing on stage under a burst of confetti

New Community Spotlight Showcases the Art of Las Adelitas Performers

Tell us about Las Adelitas. What do you do?

Our organization is a strong believer that there is beauty in every woman, supporting their emotional, creative, and spiritual growth. With this belief, Las Adelitas Living the Arts was founded in 2017 as a grassroots nonprofit organization supporting women who have endured acts of violence and trauma. Las Adelitas originated with a heartfelt desire to assist women who are so deserving and honoring each individual values, beliefs, and artistic talents.

Where does the name of the organization come from? Why did you choose to name the organization Las Adelitas Living the Arts, and how many members do you currently have?

The name came from Our Creator, I kid you not. I was sitting on my patio, and Adelitas came to mind and what they stood for. We have 28 women currently participating.

Art and creativity are central to Las Adelitas–do you see these things as being a part of the healing process, building community, and belonging?

Absolutely, art and creativity are part of healing in conjunction with community and empowerment.

How did you first get connected with the DAM? What previous work have we done together?

Our connection to the Denver Art Museum began in July 2019, with artist Leticia Tanguma's "Portraits in Oil and Acrylics" demonstration in the Paint Studio as well as the Artista de La Semana program with artists Natalie Pacheco and Shantel Lucero. From there, there were live demonstrations with children and adults in October 2019, which included hands on painting two weekends in a row. The follwing year for an Untitled: Creative Fusions event inspired by the Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism exhibition, Natalie Pacheco contributed art, Valerie Finn led a cookie demo, and Marlene Chavez gave a crown demo.

Las Adelitas have participated in various other workshops enhancing the work of both the nonprofit and the museum.

What are you excited about for the show?

Conversing with the many women, children, and community members in this journey of common bond and common ground, whether it be in a supportive role, mentorship, listening, sharing, caring, opening our minds and souls to a lifelong wealth of cultural knowledge.