artists from The Center's Open Art Studio

New Community Spotlight Celebrates Queer Creativity

artists from The Center's Open Art Studio posed with a painting
The Center’s West of Fifty Open Art Studio Group. Back row (left to right): Richard A. White, Phillip Hoyle, Keithland D. Wilhite, Tom Schasane, Steve Calcagno, Avis Blankenship. Front row (left to right): Kenneth W. Felts, Michael King. Not pictured: Kathleen Kelleher, John Cray, David Burrows. Photo by Roddy MacInnes.

Artwork: Michael King (He/Him), Courageous Loyalty. Acrylic. Courtesy of the Dorow Family.

The Open Art Studio began in 2010 and has served many participants over the years. Many of these individuals' art pieces can still be seen on the walls of The Center. In 2020, the program partnered with the Denver Art Museum's Art at Hand Program. The DAM provides take-home art boxes to community participants. These thoughtfully designed kits encouraged participants to create, learn, and connect. The Art Boxes were a hit! The museum sent two of its staff members to The Center to learn more. Molly and Sarah from the DAM’s Lifelong Learning and Accessibility team, met with The Center's talented artists who happen to be prepping for their winter art show.Molly and Sarah shared their experience with Lindsey and Danielle, also from the Lifelong Learning and Accessibility team. The pair later attended The Center's Holiday Art Show; resulting in an invitation to participate in the Community Spotlight Exhibition Project. The community members have also attended the DAM’s Create Cafe's sessions—a program that provides individuals with a two-day art class hosted at the museum. The community members instantly took to the DAM team and have come to value their friendship and the program.

The Center's Open Art Studio is thankful for the friendship and partnership. We could not be more honored and grateful for this opportunity.