Child playing with sensory toys at the Denver Art Museum's Sensory-Friendly Morning

Neurodiverse Art Lovers Invited to the DAM February 13

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the Denver Art Museum and the Learning and Engagement team want to show some love to all our neurodiverse friends. Join us Sunday, February 13 from 9–11 am for a Sensory-Friendly morning of art, activities, and awesomeness.

Who’s invited?

Sensory-Friendly Mornings are designed for neurodiverse art lovers and their families. Visitors are required to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols at the museum. Reserve your free tickets today.

What do we mean by neurodiverse?

The term neurodiverse refers to any individual who thinks, learns, and processes information in unique and divergent ways, but is most often used in the context of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). More broadly, neurodiversity is the belief that all ways of thinking should be honored and valued, and that "different" does not mean deficient. The Denver Art Museum is committed to celebrating diversity in all forms including honoring and supporting the experiences and voices of our neurodiverse community.

Where to go?

This Sensory-Friendly Morning will take place in the Hamilton Building from 9–11 am.

What to expect?

  • A sensory-friendly exhibition experience. All Hamilton Building exhibitions will be open, including Whistler to Cassatt: American Painters in France. Lights and volume levels will be brought down in all exhibition spaces to better serve our sensory-sensitive visitors.
  • Musical performances and activities by Playground Ensemble.
    • Graphic Content—Head downstairs to the Congdon Boardroom to create your own graphic scores, i.e. works of visual art that take the place of traditional musical notation. Then head next door to the Sharp Auditorium where Playground Ensemble musicians will perform your visual compositions on the spot.
    • Soundpainting—Compose, conduct and perform with us! Head to the Memory Mirror exhibition on level 2 for Soundpainting. You will get to see how hand gestures can be used to compose and conduct a musical performance, and even try your hand at leading the ensemble.
    • Found Sound Instruments—Prefer making your own music? The Memory Mirror exhibition also will play host to a variety of musician-made “found sound” instruments for you to explore.
  • A visit from our friends at McNicholas Miniature Therapy Horses. Their sweet and gentle miniature horses will brighten any mood and are always a crowd favorite.
  • A special performance by our resident art detectives Foxy and Schmoxy at 10:30 am. Where will these hilarious foxes be? Pick up a letter from the Fox Box on level 1 and follow the riddles to find out.
  • A hands-on sensory space in the Family Hub on level 3. Explore a variety of low-key sensory objects and activities and share your thoughts on what elements you’d like to see in a permanent sensory space.
  • A complimentary general admission ticket good for four adults so you can come back and visit us again. Youth 18 and under always enjoy free general admission.