In Motion Installation By the Numbers

This summer the Denver Art Museum is celebrating dance with exhibitions and performances, and an installation on the plaza in front of the Hamilton Building. All brightly colored ribbons, aluminum, and steel, Mōtiō is the sculpture in In Motion: An Outdoor Installation. Demiurge created it using stop-motion photography to capture the essence of dance. (Learn about how it was created.)

Above, you can watch a time-lapse video of the sculpture being created in Demiurge’s studio and being installed here at the museum.

Below are some tidbits about it:

  • 2,750 pounds: Weight, including base plates
  • 18 feet: Height
  • 20 feet: Width
  • 96 feet: Length
  • 916: Number of pieces that make up the installation
  • 20: Number of people who worked on it, including 8 Demiurge staffers, 2 ribbon artists, 7 staff members and interns, and 3 volunteers
  • 25: Days to fabricate
  • 4: Days to install

In Motion: An Outdoor Installation is generously funded by the PB and K Family Foundation.

Mōtiō, aluminum and Presco PVC roll flagging, 2016. Designed by Wynn Earl Buzzell Jr. with Demiurge LLC. Woven by Katie Fowler and Tamara Leberer.