Shelves of Monet books in the exhibition exit shop

Monet & Impressionism: Suggested Reading

Want to learn more about Claude Monet's life and work? You can visit the exit shop for Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature at the Denver Art Museum, which features a variety of books about the artist and the Impressionist movement, including a very popular catalog. (Please note: a ticket to the exhibition is required to enter the Monet exit shop.)

Or you can check out a book from the library. Our friends at Denver Public Library have put together a great list of Monet-related fiction and nonfiction for adults and kids. Learn about Monet's garden, his marriage to Camille, other Impressionist artists, or what might have happened If Monet Painted a Monster.

Shelves of Monet books displayed at the Denver Public Library

photo by Carleen Brice