Meet the New Red Dinosaur at the DAM

Last week, we installed a red dinosaur named Made in China in the atrium. You could say it is as subtle as a Sichuan dish.

Here is its label copy: Sui Jianguo finds inspiration from tiny toy dinosaurs mass-produced in China. The artist transforms these cheap, plastic objects into a monumental work of art. The phrase “Made in China” featured prominently on the dinosaur’s stomach is well-known. In fact, “Made in China” is more recognizable than any Chinese brand name. Sui Jianguo’s work participates in the politics of high art and consumerism and raises questions about what has value, who is selling, and who is buying.

The artist lives and works in Beijing and was at the DAM for Made in China's installation. The painted resin sculpture complements the two Chinese exhibitions currently on view, Xu Beihong: Pioneer of Modern Chinese Painting and Threads of Heaven: Silken Legacy of China’s Last Dynasty.

Credit: Sui Jianguo. Made in China. 2005. Promised gift of Vicki and Kent Logan to the Collection of the Denver Art Museum.


This originally was published as a blog post on the DAM's former website The Collective on November 23, 2011.