Kenya Fashaw in a black jacket and an orange plaid scarf

On Inspiration & Creativity

My inspiration

As someone who sees the beauty in all things, even if it's a beautiful struggle kind of beauty, I'm able to see the beautiful pieces and create a human experience from myself and those around me.

As a Black artist, I feel that inspiration or the need to have a voice comes easily. I find inspiration from pain and with that I'm hoping to convey a relatable human feeling. I find inspiration from joy and hoping that the people can see it shine through my creativity. Inspiration is all around, inside, outside, and in between us. It's easily found if you just open your eyes and pay attention.

Surround yourself with other creative people that will also allow you to flourish on your own.

My process

The process starts within the mind first. Allowing my imagination to visualize what it is I want to say and illustrate. My first initial thought is to find something I am most passionate about that will allow natural emotions and excitement about whatever I'm creating to flow.

For example, as a Black woman I feel looked over and ignored. I feel as though Black bodies are being told what to do out of others' fear and are not being seen and valued. So I created a Song Poem called Black Bodies demanding to be seen. I took something that was a personal experience and combined passion, activism, and awareness art.

Watch my participation in the January 2021 Untitled: Creative Fusion at Home in this video.

How I find my creativity

I believe that we are created by the creator to create! So it is already within us to naturally produce something beautiful and new. I come in tune with my creativity. Surround yourself with other creative people that will also allow you to flourish on your own.

Exercising your creativity, just like exercising your body, is important to keep the creativity in shape so that it will be ready to create over and over again.