Global thinking pod by Viviane le Courtois

Help Artist Viviane Le Courtois Create a Global 'Thinking Pod'

Viviane Le Courtois, a Denver-based artist, will be a creative-in-residence at the Denver Art Museum from April 5–15, 2016. During her residency, she will be building a “thinking pod” inside the exhibition Audacious: Contemporary Artists Speak Out on Level 3 of the Hamilton Building. The most important aspect of Le Courtois’ residency is the participation of visitors whom she hopes will not only donate materials to weave into the pod’s structure, but also will join in the weaving process and in discussion.

Donate Hair

Le Courtois plans to collect people's hair from the community to help construct the pod. Visitors who would like to include their DNA in the project should braid their hair before cutting it, so that it can be easily woven into the structure. The lock of hair needs to be at least 6 inches in length. During her residency Le Courtois will be onsite working inside the Global Thinking Pod during regular museum hours, from April 5–15, 2016.

"At a time where people in so many countries are fleeing conflicts and economic hardship to look for a better future, the idea of a basic shelter that links people by threads is both conceptual and physical,” Le Courtois says. “It will create a semi-private space in a public space to stop and discuss important ideas seen in the surrounding artworks, but also relate them to current events, engaging museum visitors in not just seeing, but also engaging, contributing, and meeting new people.”

For more information about donations, email Jenette Preciado at or at (720) 913-0077.