A photo of Jamie and Andrew Wyeth in a small mystery door

Have Family Fun at the Wyeth Exhibition

One of the Denver Art Museum’s goals with Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the Studio is to inspire visitors to see familiar things in a new way, and to be intrigued by the mystery surrounding the Wyeths’ paintings and their environments.

Below are two features especially designed to help families experience the wonder of Wyeth:

Family Audio Guide

Take your family through the exhibition with “Marion” as your guide. Marion is the charming and hilarious voice of a fictional neighbor of the Wyeths’ who offers real stories about Jamie and Andrew. Jamie Wyeth, himself, also converses with Marion, sharing insights and fun facts like why he sometimes paints in a bait box on the Maine shore. The family audio guide is included with admission.

Mystery doors

Wyeth also features a special surprise just for little ones. Tucked throughout the exhibition are small doors close to the ground that actually open up. Inside are Wyeth family photographs that correspond to different artworks. The picture above shows Andrew and Jamie wearing colonial jackets. The Wyeth family was into dressing in costume and playful pranks, which comes across especially in the “Wondrous Strange” portion of the exhibition.

Wyeth is a ticketed exhibition. Adult price is $16. Adult member price is $8. Kids through age 5 are free. Youth 6–18 are $5 (free with Family level membership and above). Get tickets.