People at Warm Cookies voting booth

Flex Your Civic Muscles with Warm Cookies of the Revolution

Warm Cookies of the Revolution, a civic health club, is the Denver Art Museum’s current creative-in-residence.

“You go to a gym to exercise your physical health, a religious institution to exercise your spiritual health, and a therapist to exercise your mental health. Warm Cookies of the Revolution helps you exercise your civic health,” said Evan Weissman, founder of the organization.

At the DAM, Warm Cookies has designed an interactive space in the Hamilton Building on level 3 that encourages people to vote every day on a variety of issues.

DAM: Your residency involves an interactive space where visitors vote. What’s fun or interesting about voting?

Evan Weissman: Voting can be or not be important; it depends on what you’re voting for. I think the greater question is how do we vote and participate and make our voice known every day? I think voting is one way we can be involved in any community.

We tried to make the act of voting fun with artist-designed voting booths. I mean, honestly, our biggest competition is prevailing culture. What do people want to do in their down time? Entertainment is a frequent go-to. If we can engage people in entertainment while also learning about civic issues, I think we can make a difference in the way people craft the community they are a part of.

DAM: You can only offer one piece of advice for being a good citizen of Denver: What is it?

EW: I would say to pick one thing that you have strong emotions about and get involved in that issue. You will naturally learn about everything.

DAM: What’s exciting about being in Denver at this moment?

EW: The opportunity, the hope. We really are on a precipice. We can make this city incredible and build on its rich culture and history. We have the power to continue Denver’s legacy of a rich and diverse culture.

DAM: What does it mean to be working with the DAM? What has been the most exciting aspect?

EW: The role for museums as a place to showcase great art has been around for thousands of years and throughout different places. There is something cool about being a part of that.

I think the most exciting aspect is to be able to share our point of view and creative process with a variety of people. I actually feel really lucky that we get the opportunity to highlight the interplay between civic ownership, civic life, and art. It’s rewarding. Also, being around art is super inspiring.

I want human beings to win, and with our programs we are inviting a diverse group of people to make a difference. Sometimes the best way to push people to action is to hug them, give them warm cookies, and create a fun, inviting space for them to begin making changes.

Warm Cookies of the Revolution hosts "office hours" at the DAM 10 am-1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and noon-4 pm on Saturdays through January 3.