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Explore Power, Rebellion & Epic Empires at Untitled

Note: The following Untitled Final Friday activities are included with general admission. To see Star Wars™ and the Power of Costume while at Untitled, you will need to purchase a special exhibition ticket (which also will give you access to Untitled.)

Untitled: Empire

It’s 2017 and ready for Untitled, we are! So practice your best Yoda voice, attach your Leia buns and join us for a season kickoff suited for a galaxy far, far away. We’re starting the year off strong at Untitled: Empire—a night filled with power and rebellion, fantasy and stars, epic cities, and lots of new hope.

Yoda in the exhibition Star Wars and the Power of Costume

Image: Gallery image of Yoda in Star Warsand the Power of Costume. Star Wars™ and all related characters, names and indicia are trademarks of & copyright © & TM 2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.

Rebel or Empire?

First thing we’ll need to know is if you’re a Rebel or part of the Empire, so grab your friends and get quizzing, because this is important. Pick a side and wear your results with pride as you wander the museum and meet new allies and foes for a night of friendly rivalry.

Venetian Renaissance

Now take a field trip to a cultural empire of gold, glitz, and glamour with a last-chance tour of Glory of Venice with curator Angelica Daneo. (Get there early, because this one will fill up fast and space is limited!) Soak in the light and color of a city destined for greatness and the artists that led the charge.

Colorado Empires of Gold

Grab a gondola and head back home, because there’s plenty to see here in our own backyard. Learn about the gold mine beneath our feet as we mine the local history with professor Jim Walsh and learn about the economic empires that shaped our state and the powers that keep us blasting on.

Sci-Fi Stories

Plant your feet in Denver and put your head in the stars as we dig into sci-fi stories from Brian Polk, Ricardo Fernandez, and Hana Zittel and learn about the creative forces behind Birdy magazine.

Attention Geeks & Gamers

Roll on over to see some awesome AT-ATs made out of refurbished skateboards and a lot of hard work from Derek Keenan of Mukee Design.

Speaking of rolling, grab your 20-sided die because it’s time to play. Who knows more about crafting fantasy and action then the gamers of Dungeons and Dragons? Local Dungeon masters are here to give us the story behind epic campaigns of conquest and characters as they draw parallels between Star Wars, art, and serious gaming.

Once you’ve got the lay of the land, join in the fun for a Star Wars RPG that puts you right in the action. Fear not Padawans, because we’ve got plenty of instruction to show you the way, and for you expert gamers, jump right in! (Or stake your claim with rounds of Risk and Settlers of Catan, because this Untitled is ready for battle!)

Performance by Artist Gregg Deal

And for our main event, former Native Arts Artist-in-Residence Gregg Deal is back with a premiere performance of Not Your Indian and Supreme Law of the Land, a powerful response to the Dakota Access pipeline. If you saw his performance, entitled White Indian at last year’s kickoff, you know, this is an event not to miss.

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