Artist Romelle painting in her studio.

A Look Inside Artist Romelle's Studio & Creative Process

With COVID-19, some of our platforms for working with artists have changed and several programs moved online. One such program is our demonstrating artist program, where local artists give us a behind-the-scenes look into their creative process. Though the onsite program is currently on hiatus, we’re excited to share the amazing work of local artists in new ways including this inside look at Romelle's studio and process.

Romelle is an abstract painter and mural artist hailing from Detroit and based in Denver, CO. In this video, discover Romelle’s artistic practice as she gives you a peek into her studio and demonstrates her painting process.

Local artists are integral to the DAM, and some of our most inspirational collaborators are found in the local community. The DAM has many opportunities and programs to work with local artists in our community, including Untitled: Creative Fusions, the Creative-in-Residence program, and demonstrations in the interactive Studio.