snow storm at night in front of the Martin Building

Denver Art Museum Staff Photography Showcase

Photography has become one of the most universal art forms. Nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket, and it has become commonplace to capture and share images from everyday life. The Denver Art Museum celebrated Month of Photography with an online lecture series and by showcasing staff photos.

This past year has put DAM staff and visitors at a distance. We have had to change the ways we experience art together, and how we inspire conversations and connections within our community. Because of this, our wellness and engagement committee put out a call to staff to share their photos as one part of the committee's efforts to build staff's mental, physical, financial, and social health.

Twenty-two people from different departments throughout the museum responded. Please explore the gallery below to see their talent and creativity. Click or tap on the images to enlarge them and see the names of the photographers and the titles of the photos.

Staff Photography Showcase