The DAM_SCOUT 365 Days Project

Over the last few months a few of us education and tech nerds have been sitting around in meetings doing what we do best...making semi-funny jokes for our own amusement. Just kidding. But seriously, we have been sitting in meetings; doing what we do second best and that is developing new experiences for you guys to have while you are visiting. Not too long ago, we launched one such experience: DAM_SCOUT an iPhone/Android app.

If you've downloaded and used the app, you know that it acts as a tool that helps you uncover hidden layers of multimedia content that you’ve scouted out at various locations throughout the DAM. Lots of that multimedia content centers around artist interviews, behind the scenes videos from installs, and some quirky footage of flying pterodactyls and our conservators asking artists to stop being so difficult (not really). And up until now, the content has been generated mostly by us. Well, starting Friday January 6th we are launching the 365 Days of Knives and Other Sharp Objects Project, a.k.a 365 Days of K&OSOP which will be generated by you.

Here's how it works. Using your DAM_SCOUT app (it's free, dudes), scan the QR code located next to this work of art by artist Matthew Brannon.

Using DAM_SCOUT's new photo feature, snap a picture of yourself being attacked by K&OSO and post it to the app. Photos of you guys will populate in the app every day of the year and you'll be able to see everyone who contributes in 2012. "But, you're closed Mondays! You've missed a few days! How will you get an accurate 365 days?" you scream. Have no fear, Mondays will be staff photos, and we've already got the early January days'll probably see a lot of this guy. We're sorry in advance.


This originally was published as a blog post on the DAM's Collective website on January 6, 2012.