Woman placing heart in front of her favorite painting at the DAM

The DAM Celebrates Hearts for Art

February 9–14 you’re invited to show your love for a favorite work of art at the Denver Art Museum. (See the guidelines.)

Below, some of our staff share their favorite current artworks. Check out their faves and then visit the museum and show us your artwork crush!

“I have so many favorites. Right now, one in the A Place in the Sun exhibit (located in the Hamilton Building on Level 1) is my favorite. Walter Ufer is a beast!” – Franklin Cruz, gallery host

“The piece that speaks to me the most is Estes Park by Albert Bierstadt (located in the North Building on Level 7). I love stepping into the grand scale of the painting until it fills my field of view and imagining I can hear the wind making its way through the valley, feeling the change in temperature as clouds pass overhead, and smelling the pristine environment.” – Mike Kasper, audio video coordinator

"One of my favorite works currently on view is Gustave Doré's The Family of Street Acrobats: the Injured Child (La Famille du Saltimbanque: L'Enfant Blessé) (pictured at top, located in the North Building on Level 6). Doré conveys a heartbreaking story in a truly captivating image. There is a magical, almost fairy tale quality in the painting created by the father's face paint and the shimmery tulle of the mother's costume, but the injured child and the looks of anguish on the parents' faces immediately shatter that illusion." – Shannon Robb, communications and public affairs coordinator