Untitled Creative Fusions logo and photo of Eileen Roscina Richardson and Joshua Ware

Creative Collaborators Give Their Take on Entanglements Theme

The first Untitled: Creative Fusion (January 31, 6-10 pm) is sure to be filled with fun and surprises. You'll be able to sample liquid nitrogen popcorn, dance to beats by The Night Shift, collaborate on a floral installation, watch live ice sculpting, and more! See the lineup for the evening.

Our two featured artists, Eileen Roscina Richardson and Joshua Ware (pictured above), worked with us to come up with the theme of "Entanglements" and plan to investigate the wild and the constructed. But they can't make all this magic happen alone. Read on to see what some of these creative folks say about the theme and the activities they'll be involved in at Untitled: Creative Fusion.


Sommer Browning
courtesy of Sommer Browning

Poet Sommer Browning will be joining with poets Phil Cordelli and Sueyeun Juliette Lee to participate in a choreographed, choral performance in Joshua Ware's Forest.

Language is one of the places the natural world merges with the constructed.

– Sommer Browning
Phil Cordelli

photo by Carolina Ebeid

I will be moving, speaking and singing.

– Phil Cordelli

Meredith Feniak and Risa Friedman said they came together as We Were Wild to explore their mutual interest in ongoing changes to the built environment, including architecture’s interaction and parallels with nature. Similar to our bodies, the natural and built environments grow, shift, age, decay, and transform in a perpetual state of flux. Rewilding, the idea of allowing natural processes to reshape land, inspired their name, and is a recurring theme of both their outdoor and indoor installations.

They will run a wheat pasting activity with the visitors. Visitors will be able to make a water lily paste up and then glue it to a faux tile wall based on Monet’s blue kitchen. Together, with visitors, they will “rewild” a man-made space.

There’s little that excites us more than seeing a tree growing through a crack in an old building or watching plants on abandoned property grow taller than us.

– Meredith Feniak and Risa Friedman (<em>We Were Wild</em>)
Meredith Feniak and Risa Friedman

Photo courtesy of Meredith Feniak and Risa Friedman

Chris Bagley's project at Untitled: Creative Fusions on January 31 is called (Looking glass). It’s a live interactive kaleidoscopic spinning projection of the viewer’s eye. The kaleidoscopic glass is provided by featured artist, Eileen Roscina Richardson.

digital illustration of Chris Bagley and his kaleidoscopic artwork called Looking Glass

Courtesy of Chris Bagley

Catharine McCord will be leading an immersive tour engaging our sense of scent as we explore selected works in Treasures of British Art: The Berger Collection.

Human experience with nature can take many forms, from immersing yourself in nature to bringing potted plants or cut flowers into your home. We have an innate desire to be surrounded by and nurture life. Often this is what we turn to in times of celebration and even when we experience suffering.

– Catharine McCord
Catharine McCord

John Bosley Photography

Jeanne Liotta and Eric Baus will be working on an ambient and gestural work of sound and projected light titled after a quote by Claude Monet, Flowers Always and Always . This is their second performative work together, and will be created specifically for this occasion. They will be inside the freight elevator, which will be set up in a holding pattern of sound and image that visitors are welcome to enter and relax as though in a garden. At specific times during the evening then they will be activating the site by performing live, in response to the current Monet exhibition. (Please note: Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature requires a separate exhibition ticket.)

Jeanne Liotta

courtesy of Jeanne Liotta

"Entanglement" might be a description of our collaborative method, as separately and together we do entangle sounds and images in a space in order to create 'a third mind' or a kind of 'phantom center'—a singular mutable work arises that is neither a soundtrack for images, nor wallpaper for a soundscape.

– Jeanne Liotta &amp; Eric Baus
Eric Baus

Photo courtesy of Eric Baus