Contribute to Each/Other Art Exhibition

Contribute to a monumental artwork by artists Cannupa Hanska Luger and Marie Watt. Embroider a message onto a bandana, which the artists will incorporate into a large-scale sculpture for the Each/Other exhibition, which opens at the DAM in 2021.

Embroidered bandanas are needed by December 1, 2020.


  1. Acquire a bandana or a piece of repurposed fabric roughly the size of a bandana
  2. Fold bandana/fabric corner to corner to create a triangle
  3. Embroider/stitch text, imagery or any other visual sentiment onto a corner portion of the fabric
  4. Ship to the artists at this address:

    Camp Colton
    ℅ Each/Other
    30088 S Camp Colton Dr
    Colton, OR 97017

Learn more about the artists and the project:

Video filmed at Camp Colton, OR, by Barbara Soulé of Native Arts & Cultures Foundation. Edited by Razelle Benally of Red Brigade Films. Art Direction and Music by Ginger Dunnill.