Denver Public Schools community showcase in the Wonderscape

Community Spotlight: Denver Public Schools Citywide Art Event

Goodbye by Siena Y., 5th grade, Brown International Academy. "First, light the candle and set out the maple leaves. Next, put in the little girl and her friend. Make sure to thoroughly stir. Add one of the tears. Next, lightly drizzle the mirror casket. Mix these ingredients together and put them in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Finish off with the last whisper of goodbye." —Siena Y.
Representational Portrait in Accordion Book by Paola A., 5th grade, Marra Elementary. "This artwork represents me and the things I am interested in. Can you tell what they are?" —Paola A.
The Roads I've Traveled by Aryeh D., 3rd grade, Inspire Elementary. "I used a skateboard for this project because it helps you to travel to places. I choose the places and landscapes that are on the skateboard because those are the places that our family has been. First there is the coral ocean because once we went to Mexico and our family snorkeled in the ocean. The next scene is the stars and I chose that because when our family went camping we looked at the stars at night time and it looked really cool. The next scene is the mountains and I chose that because our family goes there alot and goes skiing. The last scene is in the city because we used to live right downtown for 5 years and we would always do fun activities. I love it and it looks cool. The register building has its own unique shape." —Aryeh D.
Drawing by a fifth grader named Siena
Artwork by Paola, a 5th grader
Skateboard artwork by Aryeh, a third grader