Families doing art activities in one of the galleries

Celebrate Love & Creativity With Your Family

We invite you and your family to fall in love with art and creativity this February at the Denver Art Museum. Make shadow puppets, write love letters, explore the galleries, and more. General admission (which includes all of the following) is free for youth 18 and younger every day.

Summer Loving

Summer camps are back! We’re offering a brand new lineup of summer camps for kids ages 4–11 from June 15 to August 14. Registration for members begins on February 4, and registration for nonmembers begins on February 11. Camps fill up quickly, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

Cherish Your Little Ones at Create Playdate

Saddle up! On February 12, use your imagination to make your own moveable horse inspired by the motion of the horses in Treasures of British Art: The Berger Collection. We’ll exercise coordination and control by practicing posing for portraits like the ones in the galleries.

Wild about Create-n-Takes

Check out our brand new Create-n-Take, “Shady Characters,” on level three. Tell a story with light and shadow by creating your very own shadow puppet. Next, head over to an old favorite activity, “Illuminate Shapes,” where you can make a “stained glass” window.

Light of Your Life

Visit the First Light Family Space for hands-on fun. All of the light-filled activities in this family-friendly area are inspired by artworks in The Light Show. Capture nature’s shadows, experiment with transparency and color, and mix patterns to cast bold shadows.

Fall for Foxy & Shmoxy

Join us February 8 for another exciting adventure with our sleuthing foxes, Foxy & Shmoxy. Pick up a letter from the Fox Box in the atrium to find our wacky art detectives in the galleries. Catch a show at 10:30 am or 11:30 am.

Write (or Draw) a Love Letter

Let Shantell Martin’s interactive installation featuring her signature black and white drawings inspire you to write (or draw!) your own love letter. Martin has created many surprises throughout the museum. Can you find them all?

In addition, you can visit the Paint Studio to try your hand at different painting techniques to create a piece of art for a loved one.

A woman with a baby on her back in the Shantell Martin exhibition

Courtesy of Instagram user @bettybueno.