Gallery view of outfits in the Paris to Hollywood exhibition

Bring Back Your Fashion A-Game for Summer

Koya Nyangi pictured from chest up in front of a wall with wall paper showing hands holding up the middle finger. She wears a bright pink strapless dress with matching lipstick. She has a short blond afro.
Photo courtesy of Koya Nyangi.

Have fun with fashion

An important style lesson that the pandemic revealed and taught us was that we should wear what we like and not wait for an event or getting in the “right shape” to bring your fashion A-Game. We are so used to saving up outfits for occasions and never really allowing ourselves to play dress up at any given time. When the world came to a screeching halt, we were reminded of how uncertain the future can be and how quickly it can be pulled out from under us. So, the first step to dusting off your fashion is to bring back the fun of dressing up regardless of the occasion.

As we move from sofa to social life, a few things to take note of are embrace color, embrace your body, experiment with different styles, take on prints; this could be daunting one, but try it, channel and explore the different versions of you! Take cues from Véronique Peck; she was a master style chameleon.

Shop your closet

If you find yourself not knowing where to start, combine the comfort that you picked up in the pandemic with remembering how to have fun with your closet again. Refamiliarize yourself with what’s in your closet. All the pieces that have been sitting idle need to get out and breathe! Accessories, shoes, hats, turbans, whatever you have not worn this past year. Treat your closet like a store, and shop from it. This will especially help if you find yourself wearing the same outfit combo. Get back some of your fashion love by resurrecting that rush you always got when planning your outfits, because planning your outfit is like planning for a great day—it puts you in good mindset and dressing up is really a way to make yourself feel special.

Fashion is the only wearable art form, not like listening to music, eating the chef’s special, or going to a museum. The art of dressing up has been stagnant this past year in many ways and so it is time to step up your game and rekindle your love affair with your personal style. If you come across a fashion piece that makes your heart beat a little faster and makes you smile, put it on and let us all make this summer our most stylish one yet!