Becoming Van Gogh Catalog Only Available at the DAM

January 17, 2013, update: The catalog is now sold out. Thank you for your tremendous interest! —DAM

Tickets to Becoming Van Gogh are selling out nearly every day and the accompanying exhibition catalog is flying off the shelves nearly as fast. The Denver Art Museum’s Museum Shop has sold out of the book once already, prompting a reprint and a rush delivery of the book to Denver. Luckily, the catalogs are back in stock and ready for sale in time for Christmas—only at the Denver Art Museum. Our co-publisher and distributor of hard-cover books, Yale University Press, and are both currently out of stock!

As of December 20, our Museum Shop had sold 2,673 hard-cover catalogs and 3,293 soft covers. Visitors to the exhibition won’t want to miss this chance to bring a bit of Van Gogh home with 262 color images. Each catalog essay focuses on a particular aspect of Vincent van Gogh’s unconventional journey to becoming an artist. Becoming Van Gogh co-curator and organizer of the exhibition Timothy J. Standring discusses Van Gogh’s autodidactic training with a special emphasis on memory development and visual memory instruction manuals. The Van Gogh Museum’s Louis van Tilborgh and Evert Van Uitert discuss the artist’s temperament. Teio Meedendorp, also from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, compares Van Gogh’s images and the artist’s surroundings in Montmartre. Richard Kendall considers Van Gogh’s particular approach to nature and to the natural sciences. The Saint Louis Art Museum’s Simon Kelly covers Van Gogh and the art market while The Nelson-Atkin’s Museum’s Nicole Myers examines Van Gogh and the Nude. There’s also a timeline that clearly lays out the unconventional path which Van Gogh took to become an artist.

As curatorial assistant in the department of painting and sculpture, I have worked on the catalog from its inception several years ago. It is incredible to have this catalogue—a tangible object—which reflects not only the genius of Van Gogh and his hard-earned results but also serves as a reminder of this great exhibition, which will only be on view in Denver and only through January 20, 2013.