illustration of a young woman from shoulders up, she's wearing a facemask and her skin and face and the background around her are made of kaleidoscopic patterns

2021 Colorado Scholastic Arts Awards

The Denver Art Museum has a long-standing tradition of being a platform for youth creativity. In the past year, our engagement with youth, educators, and families has looked a little different, but young people have continued to inspire us with their creativity and perseverance, as seen through over 2,400 pieces submitted to the Colorado Scholastic Art Awards.

Colorado Scholastic Art Awards have displayed a number of award-winning student works at the Denver Art Museum previously, so in this virtual moment, we wanted to connect you with this year’s Virtual Art Gallery. Two high-school student interns working in conjunction with mentors and with support from Red Rocks Community College created this amazing gallery. These students are the next generation of artists, visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Please help us celebrate their accomplishments by viewing the virtual gallery. To learn more, visit

Congratulations to students, and their hardworking teachers and families, for their awards with the Colorado Scholastic Art Awards, the nation’s longest running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7-12!