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The 2016 Untitled Season Closes with Glory Days

It’s the last Untitled Final Friday of 2016 (Untitled is on hiatus November and December) and we’re celebrating by rolling back the clock to the gold, glamour, and Glory of Venice. Come on by, but better move fast, because Glory Days…well, they’ll pass you by.

CAR-aoke & Renaissance Motets

First things first. It’s time to head back to school and test your Renaissance recollection in a quiz that’s far from standardized. Or feel free to ditch class and head into the Toyota for all-night CAR-aoke (Bruce Springsteen tunes recommended, of course).

If the Boss doesn’t do it for you (or you just can’t carry a tune), then fear not, because we have a whole slew of other musical options for you.

Start your night off right with something classy as The Renaissance Project choir immerses us all in the surround sound of Venice, with a cappella concerts of Renaissance motets. Boogie down with Bellini – these beautiful voices will leave you breathless.

Renaissance artists certainly liked to rock the gold, so what better way to celebrate them by rocking out to the tunes of “The Gold Company”?

Art Can Be a Drag (in a Good Way)

Denver Public Library and our favorite Denver queens (Shirley, Mona, and Rhoda that is) are here to carry on the tradition of “Oh So Wrong” drag queen tours through our most glittery, glamorous galleries.

Life & Afterlife

As you sashay through the museum, be sure to stop by and meet Cuatro [4] artist Danette Montoya as she honors communal ritual and ancestors passed with her installation Las Almas de los Muertos in the pre-Columbian galleries. If all that talk of afterlife has you counting your sins, it’s probably best to go to art church and join Revered Robert Hart of St. Thomas Episcopal Church on an enlightening tour of Glory of Venice.

Reunion of Creatives

“Glory days” are all about reliving your best moments, and here at the DAM, we can’t think of anything we’d rather relive than the days of our Creative-in-Residence program. We have a homecoming reunion planned with all our favorite creatives from years gone by (okay, it’s only been one year…but we’re still super excited!). Whether you’re reliving their glory, or meeting these artists for the first time, here’s what’s in store for you

Arthur Williams, Babylon Floral
Arthur Williams, Babylon Floral.

Photograph © 2011 David Perry.

First up is my friend, a big baseball player, from back in high school…JUST KIDDING, it’s Warm Cookies of the Revolution! The civic health club gurus are here to shake things up again and discuss war, the “greatest” generation and why dreaming of "glory days" can be misleading, or even dangerous.

Next up, there’s a girl who lives up the block (okay, I should stop the “Glory Days” lyrics I guess) Social engagement artist, Viviane Le Courtois. Pull up a cushion and stay awhile in Le Courtois’s Thinking Pod as you pick up sticks and pick up tricks while having a wonderful conversation with Viviane and fellow campers.

Follow that up with some Arduino fun with hacker Mar Williams and collaborators. Gear up and make some robot moves in this drop-in techno workshop.

Last but not least, we have an amazing Creative-in-Residence collaboration between composer Nathan Hall and floral artist Arthur Williams. These two are pairing up to make a floral installation and live piano performance inspired by a pretty gory scene. Don’t freak out though, it’s going to be…glorious!

Speaking of gory…it’s Halloween time! Untitled is always a great place to show off your art-inspired costumes so come dressed to impress (just make sure we can see your pretty face–no masks allowed at the museum!). Stuck on what to be? How about Joan or Charlie? Or even the Boss!

Alright, alright, well alright, well alright, well alright, well alright
Well alright, alright, alright, let's go to Untitled Glory Days! See you there!

Tip: We're looking for creative collaborators for 2017 programs. Meet Here is November 18.