2 visitors in Her Paris

10 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss Her Paris

Take a video tour of Her Paris: Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism and see why it's getting rave reviews. Below are just a few of the comments visitors have shared with us:

1. I loved the exhibit. One of my favorites of all time. I have been a member for many years & have visited many exhibits starting in the late 1980s. This is one of the best. Everyone should see it. Its themes are so relevant for our times in history. – JPT

2. We learned a great deal, and the range of artists and work was astonishing. I can only imagine how much work was involved in planning and mounting this extraordinary and moving exhibition. Keep up the good work, DAM! – SMB

3. A lovely and well-organized exhibit. Was so happy not to see paintings of vases of flowers! The self-portraits and scenes of domestic/agricultural chores made the exhibit educational as well as making me feel pride in women painters in Paris while being discriminated against by men "artists". - MB

4. Her Paris was a remarkable reminder of the trials and suppression women have had to endure and rebel against to be able to enjoy the same freedom as men. It served to educate the audience as to the lengths women went through to simply create artwork according to their own rules. The exhibit was enjoyable, educational and time-appropriate, based on the current climate of our culture and the status of Women’s Rights and Human Rights in this country. – CLS

5. Loved the diversity of styles and nationalities! Loved learning about some women artists beyond Bonheur, Cassatt and Morisot! Loved the thematic organization of the exhibit. – MTB

6. The honesty in depicting the struggles and history of women artists in this time period is laudatory. You introduced my family to women artists who were previously unknown to us. I was especially happy to share this experience with my young adult sons. Bravo! Brava! – DCK

7. Did not know what to expect. There were many masterpieces in my opinion. - PDB

8. The art was courageous and eye-opening for the time, but also survives as durable and exquisite for all time. – LBH

9. Really thought the exhibition was outstanding. I wasn't sure what to expect but saw some wonderful paintings, good explanations, beautiful FRAMES! Very well done. - REP

10. This exhibit enlightened me about the challenges that women artists encountered in this time. It was very educational and visually stunning. – SAT

Images: Gallery views of Her Paris: Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism. Photos by Christina Jackson.