Katy Batsel holds a blue puppet

10 Questions for Quarantina

The Host for Untitled: Creative Fusions at Home on April 30
Katy Batsel holding her blue puppet
Katy Batsel and Quarantina.

2. How do you feel being the first puppet (is that the correct term?) to host an Untitled event?

I do self-identify as a #puppetgirl so that is the correct term, thank you for asking. I’m used to being an innovator and I view this as a new and exciting opportunity to influence and show my beauty to the world. My goal is to represent all the puppet #girlbosses out there!!

3. What do you hope viewers take away from this Untitled?

Well first of all it will be a pleasure to perform for them!! I know I’m really going to shine. Other than that…we’ve all become some kind of weird forms of ourselves over quarantine, and I hope this helps everyone feel more comfortable with their re-emergence!

4. How have you been spending your (quarantine) time in the last year? Have you been able to make any art? Did you take up any hobbies?

OMG, well, it’s been a lot of rest and relaxation for me. I consider everything I do my art, so yes, I made a lot of art. One of my favorite pieces I made over the past year are my tutorial series on cutting your bangs at home, which was a great success that I definitely DON’T regret. I’ve been taking a little social media cleanse recently. You know, really focusing on #selfcare. My favorite form of #selfcare is zoning out while rewatching Sex and the City, and yes this is my art.

5. What’s the best advice you have for people (and puppets) who want to incorporate more creativity into their lives?

YOU are a work of art, and don’t you ever forget that! Maybe your art is posting comments on Facebook, I don’t know, I’m not going to judge your art! The most important thing is to be authentic to YOU. I am authentic to myself every day, and that’s what makes me so great!

6. Have you ever met Miss Piggy? Kermit? Elmo? If so, can you spill any tea?

OMG, not all puppets know each other!!! I consider my scene more of the avant-garde art world, so we don’t run very much in the same circles. But, I will say, Miss Piggy is iconic and paved the way for #puppetgirls everywhere. I hope one day we should be so lucky to cross paths—the world would not be prepared. They hate to see a girlboss winning!!!

7. What does the theme for this Untitled—Show and Tell—mean to you?

I love showing AND I love telling. I love when the spotlight is on ME! For me, it’s the chance to shine in all the ways I know I can. I hope that seeing me shine can be an inspiration to everyone!!!

8. What are you looking forward to as more folks get vaccinated?

Well, as you may know, I got #canceled last year for my innovative Kissing Booth performance that was unfortunately poorly timed with the pandemic last year in New York City. I would love to be able to kiss everyone and call it art again!!! I mean, I would love to make art like that again!!

9. You seem like a fashionista—any style tips you can share?

It’s all about your PERSONAL BRAND, sweet babies!! For example, I love feminism, so I love wearing clothes that heavily feature tits, umm, can I say that here? Oops, oh well! I think the most important thing is to wear your clothes with CONFIDENCE, which I always do, because I am flawless and beautiful. Every day after I plan the perfect outfit, I look at myself in the mirror and say “I am flawless, I am beautiful, I am girlboss,” and this is my art.

10. Anything else you’d like us to know?

I just feel so lucky to be able to grace the Denver Art Museum with my presence!! Follow me!! @quarantinabb!!!!!