Child performing for family in Family Central

10 Ideas for Family Fun at the DAM this Summer

With school out, it can be hard to think of things to do as a family during the summer months. Thankfully, the Denver Art Museum is here to provide a fun and educational time for you and your loved ones. There’s always something new to see and do at the museum. Every gallery has ways for families to engage with art. We also encourage you to visit areas designed specifically for family fun, such as the Storytelling Studio and Family Central.

Everyone 18 and younger receives free general admission to the DAM every day, which includes everything on the following list. Check it out and plan your visit to the museum today.

  1. In the Storytelling Studio, you and your family can create your own original collages, metalwork, or add a memory of Denver. Instructions and materials are provided to aid your process. This is a wonderful place to be able to connect with one another and to express yourselves in a creative way.
  2. Throughout the exhibition The 19th Century in European and American Art, a story is intertwined with the pieces on display. Follow the story of the friendly dog Rip and help him get back to where he belongs. Also, look for a family game to play in the ReVisión: Art in Americas exhibition in which you will see through the eyes of an artist looking for inspiration.
  3. Check out Age of Armor: Treasures from the Higgins Collection at the Worcester Art Museum, where there are eight interactive stations that are geared towards families. From trying on a gauntlet to touching chain mail similar to that on display, young visitors can get a real sense of what armor was like.
  4. In the colorful Creative Hub, you can engage with activities created by artists to help you explore your own creativity. You also can meet Kerrie Joy, poet, singer, and activist and our current Creative-in-Residence, on Wednesdays and Thursdays and select days.
  5. In Family Central your family can use props, sets, and costumes to act out your original ideas, create structures with blocks, or make mini museums to display your original artwork.
  6. Speaking of creating structures, if your crew is interested in design, stop by the Ellen Bruss Design Studio where you can learn about the process of design and make fun buttons.
  7. Become a part of a project based around the city of Denver in the Native Arts Artist-In-Residence Studio. Contribute to artist Steven Yazzie’s work by drawing a picture of, or writing down, your own unique experience that you have had in Colorado’s capital city. This information will be used by Yazzie to create a film about the community.
  8. Fascinated by fabrics? Explore the Thread Studio where you can fold together wraps and shirts with large fabric pieces or with paper. Add your own flair to the project and compare your masterpieces with each other. You also can Create a Textile Together inspired by Andean works of art in the Latin American Art galleries. Make the activity your own and see what everyone comes up with, as well as add to our community textile.
  9. In the Asian Art galleries, your family can see the art come to life through the power of reading with two fun storybooks that incorporate some of the pieces on display. You also can create a design for a box inspired by Korean lacquer art and explore a storyteller’s box, where you get to piece together the story through hands-on learning.
  10. Find the special Family Labels in both the European Art before 1800 galleries and the Western American Art galleries by specific paintings. These labels offer prompts to help you start conversations with one another by asking questions that immerse you deeper into the world of the art.