Art Lives Here Exhibitions

Art Lives Here (ALH) is a program where exhibitions are installed in Title 1 schools and community centers in Denver. These exhibitions can be supported with optional artmaking workshops with artists for kids and families, professional development for staff, and art supplies for extended lessons. The DAM is currently accepting applications for 2022.
Art Lives Here: Past and Present exhibition installation

Past and Present: Indigenous Arts of North America

Learn more about the continuing traditions of Indigenous art and artists as understood through historic and contemporary objects. These artists work within knowledge systems that are rooted in community and place. They make choices that influence—and are influenced by—the cultures in which they live and work. Explore big ideas of identity, family, and community through this collection of museum objects and the stories they tell.

Teachers and staff at the Denver Art Museum looking at Outside In: Contemporary Landscape Art exhibition setup in community center

Outside In: Contemporary Landscapes

How do artists share their experiences and ideas of place in art? Discover landscape art of all shapes, sizes, and mediums through this collection of contemporary artworks. We hope the art and artists’ voices will inspire imagination, spark memories about place, encourage observation and prompt reflection about yourself and your place within your community.