Art Lives Here/ /El Arte Vive Aquí

Art Lives Here (ALH) is a collaborative program between the Denver Art Museum and local schools and community centers to bring exhibitions, workshops with artists, professional development. In addition to this program, the DAM is putting together Creativity Kits which brings art supplies and materials to students, children, and families to facilitate learning. Sign up for our School and Teacher e-newsletter to not miss the next round of Art Lives Here applications!

Exhibitions in Your Community

A customizable exhibition of museum objects is installed in your school or community center for about a month. Kids, families, and educators can use the installation to bring programming to life and reinforce organizational values, spark intercultural dialogue and empathy, and build community through shared experience. We honor the creativity of your community and support learning by offering the exhibition plus optional artmaking workshops with artists for kids and families, professional development for staff, and art supplies for extended lessons.

Creativity Kits

Art Lives Here Creativity Kits were developed to continue to provide access to creativity and art objects during the COVID-19 pandemic. Creativity Kits are free and are distributed to schools and community centers serving elementary and middle school children and families in and around Denver. The DAM is committed to providing opportunities for artmaking, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, and community-building.

If you'd like to apply to receive free Creativity Kits for your students, please fill out the application below.

Art Lives Here / El arte vive aquí was created thanks to generous funding from The Cathedral Fund in honor of RAND Ningali and the Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation. Additional program support is provided by Terry and Linda Stevinson, Aegon Transamerica Foundation, U.S. Bank Foundation, Xcel Energy, the Connie Burwell White & William W. White Foundation, Institute for Museum and Library Services, an anonymous donor, and the residents who support the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD).