Youth visitors in masks looking at a framed painting

Art Check In

Go deeper with the art!

As you explore today, how many of these prompts can you do and check off the list? They’re designed to be used anywhere in the museum with any object; it’s all up to you! Take note of your favorite artworks. How would you describe them? This will come in handy when you complete the art lib after your visit. Pick a gallery and get started!



  • Choose a work of art and don’t look at the label. What title would you give to this artwork? Now look at the title on the label. How does your title and the actual title compare?

  • Find a piece of art with people and recreate their poses. If you’d like, take a picture and post it to social media with #DenverArtMuseum

  • Pick any piece of art. Close your eyes and describe it to someone else from memory. Can they guess which artwork you’re thinking of?



  • Choose a gallery to explore. Which artwork from that gallery do you wish you could put in your home? Why? Where would you put it?

  • Using your imagination, jump into an artwork of your choosing. What do you see? What do you feel under your feet? What might you smell or hear?

  • Choose a piece of art. What do you think happened right before this scene? What do you think will happen after?

orange color


  • Can you find an artwork that matches what you’re wearing today?

  • Look for a piece of art that makes you feel happy. Share it with a friend or family member.

  • Can you find a piece of art that makes noise?

lime green color


  • Choose a piece of art, and consider the artist’s identity. How do you think that shapes how and why that artist creates art?

  • Consider parts of your own identity. How does affect the way you look at art?

  • Can you find an artwork that challenges you to think differently? Start a conversation about it.