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Cintra Pollack has strong memories of the Denver Art Museum, from visiting the Native American collection and Linda by John DeAndrea on school field trips to meeting artists while coming to events with her mother who has been involved wit

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Tapping into Creativity and Becoming Part of Something Bigger (PDF) is the result of an 18-month investigation into understanding the impacts the Denver

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Rare-earth magnets are frequently used in the mounting or hanging of textiles, as has been previously highlighted in Denver Art Museum blog posts on the installation of 

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Looking for unique costume ideas? The folks in the Denver Art Museum's education department have you covered.

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For many years, Jeanne Kearns has been an invaluable volunteer at the Denver Art Museum. Serving on both the Guest Services Council and Volunteer Executive Board, Jeanne has contributed more than 2,000 hours to the museum.

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Lyrical, structured, bold, colorful, whimsical, meticulous, commemorative, and even “crazy," the quilts currently on display in F

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The Shop at the Denver Art Museum now features a new selection of designs in the popular line of stationary cards from Art by Adelyn.

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October 1 update: Tickets for Brilliant are on sale for individuals as well as groups.

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Update: Download the program (PDF) for Friday, September 26.

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Today is International Literacy Day, which highlights the importance of literacy to individuals and to society.

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With students settling in and instructional plans in place, take a moment to check out the seven top things you can do with the Denver Art Museum this school year.

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There are many reasons why the state of Colorado is so spectacular. One special gem for visitors and locals alike is Rocky Mountain National Park, only about 70 miles northwest of Denver.

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Want to be among the first to experience Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century?

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The Summer in 3-D programming encourages hands-on learning for children and adults, and highlights some of the fun activities the Denver Art Museum offers for families year-round.

Sharon Rouse Receives Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award
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This series introduces some of the fiber artists who conduct demonstrations in the Nancy Lake Benson Thread Studio.

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In At the Mirror, nearly 70 Japanese woodblock prints from the Denver Art Museum’s collection are exhibited together for the first time.

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Spinner and textile artist Paula Veschore can find a project in anything. “Everything to me is an art project whether it’s weaving, gardening, or a bucket of rusty horse shoes,” she said.

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When Phyllis and Gary Vander Ark moved to Denver in 1970 they became members of the DAM to connect with their new community.